Saturday, June 11, 2011

Best solar image yet

Update: I've reprocessed this shot. The result is here.

Today I went through my last round of imaging and found that everything below 1/100 of a second was clipping in the brightest area. So I reprocessed my 1/100 sec exposure in Photoshop, stretched and sharpened it in Registax (I'm running Windows 7 with a Parallels virtual machine on a Mac in OS 10.6.7), then did some final tweaking in Photoshop. I used the Shadows/Highlights feature to reduce the limb darkening. (I use it all the time for the photos on this blog. It's a simplified version of the features used for HDR).

Here's the result:

Click to enlarge
Note that the spots are much darker now. A gap in the histogram is filled in now, too. I think this is as much as I'm going to get out of this one. It's supposed to be very clear Monday. Maybed I'll take some more pictures...

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Otto Belden said...

Very cool picture, I see things like this and it makes me wonder about what is out there. Time for me to get a telescope, as soon as I get some money!
- Great pictures