Project Summaries by Topic

Here is a list of my various projects and associated posts by topic...

Solar Astronomy (limited to the good ones—oldest first)
Things are getting better (my first halfway decent images)
Best solar image yet (you can actually see something)
Got half of it (some decent detail this time)
Ring of fire (full circle with large proms)
Full disk from yesterday (full disk)
Doing it over again (improved version of "Best solar image yet")
Lots of detail today (More detail than I've ever seen up to this point with improved false color)

High-voltage Physics
Crookes tube first test (powering up a magnetic deflection tube)

Building a Dirod electrostatic generator (a complete what-to-do-wrong guide)
Rod gap for the Dirod (added a rod gap—great picture of the arc)

Fun with ulexite (a mineral that behaves like a bundle of optic fibers)
Fun with calcite (birefringence (double-refraction) and the effects of polarized light)

Mystery laser device (strangely mounted laser head bought on ebay)
2mW Green He-Ne laser tube
Laser Power Testing (Part 1—blue and green pointers)
Removing a laser tube from a head (It's out but not written up yet)

Tesla coil
Building a Tesla coil part one—the kit (currently stuffing the board)

Updated 2011.08.21. Other stuff to come as time allows...