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Solar Astronomy

  • JHelioviewer—view time-lapse solar images in multiple wavelengths (Mac/Win/Linux)
  • BackyardEOS—control a Canon EOS DSLR from your laptop for astronomical photography. Includes drift alignment support (Windows)
  • Astro Photography Tool—similar to BackyardEOS, includes such features as remote control focus (Windows)

Electronic Parts
  • Jameco (electronic components—been in business a long time)
  • Mouser (huge selection of over a million electronic components—also been around forever)

  • AixiZ Lasers site | ebay (great prices on diode lasers and optics; they have the lowest price on the Sper Scientific 40mW power meter)
  • Meredith Instruments - The Source for Lasers, Mirrors, Optics, Parts, and Surplus site | ebay (small quantity items on ebay)
  • Midwest Laser Products (laser light show system)
  • Laserbee (laser power meters) NOTE: the detector used in my experiments is sold out. See the meter on the AixiZ site above.
  • Laserglow Technologies - Handheld Lasers, Alignment Lasers and Lab / OEM Lasers
  • DealExtreme ("5mW" red, green and violet laser pointers CHEAP—slow shipping)
  • HalloweenLasers - Laser Lighting & Entertainment for Halloween and Haunt Events

Radiological, Mineral & Chemical
  • Geoelectronics (inexpensive spinthariscope, Geiger and scintillation counters and parts)
  • United Nuclear (spinthariscope, cloud chamber, radioisotopes, tritinite, reagent grade chemicals and more)
  • DIY Geiger Counter (inexpensive, high quality kit; works with many GM tubes)
  • Sovtube (a wide variety of NOS GM tubes made during the Cold War)
  • Where On Earth? site | ebay (all kinds of interesting and unusual stuff)
  • Mineral Matrix (optical calcite, huge variety of specimens)

High Voltage

External Combustion Engines (steam, Stirling, etc.)

[Last updated 1/6/2016]